Monday, April 4, 2011

Literary agent Irene Goodman Doesn't Think Much of American History

 Mega literary agent, Irene Goodman, is holding a competition, requesting “pitches” for historical novels. But only those that cover Europe and--especially-- Britain. The press release says that  "the market is not favoring" novels about American history. Why? Because this timid lot won't try. Ann Boleyn always sells. So that's all they'll take.
I called Ms. Goodman  directly for elucidation. No response. I'm just a nobody, yet one of a million "aspiring" novelists knocking at her door. (Actually I've got other agents interested in my work and don't plan to "knock" anyone's door.) 
 Read my article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, posted on this blog, about historical illiteracy in this country: 33 percent of adults polled by Newsweek couldn't even name the date the Declaration of Independence was signed. Yet everyone (except me, apparently; I made a stupid mistake in my article) knows how many wives Henry VIII had.  Why do we Americans have such contempt for our own history? Why do we still regard British history as superior? 
 Have gotten more hits on this  Irene Goodman  post than on any other; many in a single hour, probably from California, given the time of day. Have I touched a nerve? I have absolutely no clout in this scenario, other than to write my own, hopefully successful,  novel on a subject  this literary giant  thinks isn't "marketable." 
Help me by "following" this blog. It's not a personal thing about Ms. Goodman, who apparently does fine things for the community. It's about our heritage, what is good about us, not just what's wrong.  (And no I'm not a raving conservative, just a centrist Democrat dedicated to literacy, disdainful of the "elite." Outspoken, yes.) 

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