Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Anti-semitism: Why Does it Never Stop?

This is a comment about Jews someone just made on a linked- in site, American History.:

" I  think they are cursed, glorified Gypsies. People don't get thrown out of scores of countries for no good reason. If they cleaned up their act they might co-exist with humankind at some point. Judaism is simply Atheism and a Jewish Supremacist movement married together.
"This is no threat from me, but Jews might soon have to decide whether or not this Zionist movement is worth dying for. We are sick of it in America."

And in a later post: 

"I see them in 9/11, open borders, unnecessary, expensive wars, a media that lies to us everyday. Apparently, Jews, war profiteers(Military Industrial Complex) and some of their lackeys in the CIA/FBI took over the USA in the 1960's when the gullible Americans of your generation went to sleep." 

Yet another:

 •" I think it's hilarious when people go to bat for a bunch of Pharisees(Sephardim) and Impostor Pharisees(ashkenzim) who have wrecked our beloved USA since the 1960's with radical Talmudic garbage.

Fittingly, even the early Jewish visitors were subversives and exploiters who ran the slave trade and meddled subversively in political intrigues..."
I'm amazed they even show their faces in this country anymore.:"


Does he not know that about 25 % of the Novel Prizes in science go to these "glorified gypsies" who take up barely between 1 to 2 percent of the world's population>
Or that there might not even had been a free and Independent America without them?

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